1001 Fred Mars
The sleeper inspector  
1002 Ali Bin Tab Nab
Chapatti dealer
1003 Urban The Turban
Local ticket collector and second hand bicycle dealer
1005 Mr James
Sid The Dodgy Dealer
1006 Tea Pot Tim
Any excuse for cuppa, never seen without a brew
1008 Rajit Singh
The Story Teller and station announcer
1009 Gertrude Muggle
Still not talking to hubby after all these years
1011 Wody Yah Know
Local Tourist info and guide
1012 Anthra Sute
Between shifts on the Darj Railway
1013 Brahma Patra
Local Egg Seller
1014 Timothy Teddy bear
Tim and teddy are never parted
We have spent a considerable time looking at what figure are not being catered for in our hobby and have decided that 16 mm scale characters is the one for us All 16mm scale figures are made from cast resin unless stated otherwise they are supplied unpainted, all standing figures are supplied with a Perspex stand to stop them blowing over in the wind and are priced  £6.00 each. Hand painted originals which are to order only at £20.00 each, these are one off’s no two are the same. These will come with a authenticity certificate which is signed by the artist Kara
Kara’s Little Kharacters