Kara’s Little Kharacters
1016 Arthur Muggles
Still Not Talking To His Other Half After All These Years
1022 Christopher Clueless
Cannot decide if he is coming or going
1026 Mr Fox
Left handed standing driver
Eyes peeled for another hare
1015 Sally Stoodup
Never Gets A Date
1018 Parsi The Parta
Carries the world on her shoulders
1019 Sally Strop
Never cross her
1020 Pickled Pete
To long between opening times
1023 Mr Port
Green light says go
1024 Mr Fry
Is Q The Question
1025 Crispin
One of the terrible twins (Double Trouble)
1028 Ama Thist
Just listen to the stories he tells
1027 Lofty loaf
Half a loaf of bread not much else in his head